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Mark 12:13-27

by Paul Choi   06/05/2022   Mark 12:13~27



Mark 12:13-27 

Key Verse 12:27 

  1.  Who sent some of the Pharisees and Herodians to Jesus and why (12-13; 11:18)? What do we learn about Jesus through their flattery (14a)? How was their question a trap (14b-15a)? 

  2.  How did Jesus expose their motive (15b)? Using a coin, what did Jesus teach about giving to Caesar and to God (16-17, 29-30; 1Pe 2:13-17)? How can we apply this distinction between sacred and secular today?

  3.  What worldview was the basis of the Sadducees’ questioning of Jesus (18; Ac 23:8)? What strange story did they tell (19-22; Dt 25:5-6)? Why were they preoccupied with death and marriage? What did they think their story and question proved (23)?

  4.  Why were the Sadducees in error (24)? In what way will we be like the angels in heaven at the resurrection (25; 1Co 15:49, 52; Php 3:21)? What hope does this give us? 

  5.  Read verses 26-27. What passage did Jesus quote in correcting the Sadducees’ error (Ex 3:4-6)? What did it mean to Moses that God is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob? What do we learn about who God is? How does knowing God impact our worldview and lifestyle?


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