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Mark 13:1-37

by Paul Choi   06/19/2022   Mark 13:1~37


The Son of Man Coming with Great Power and Glory

Mark 13:1-37 

Key Verse: 13:26

  1. Why did a disciple of Jesus draw his attention to the temple (1)? What astonishing prophecy did Jesus give in reply (2)? What two questions did the disciples ask about Jesus’ prophecy (3-4)?

  2. What things to happen does Jesus first mention and how should we respond (5-8)? By referring to these as “birth pains” how does Jesus help us understand these signs?

  3. What kinds of persecutions should disciples expect (9-13)? How is God using these for his own purpose (9b-10)? What encouragement does Jesus give us (11b,13)?

  4. By referring to “the abomination that causes desolation” what specific event is Jesus foretelling (2,14a; Dan 11:31; Lk 21:20,24)? How should his people respond (14b-19)? What should God’s elect do in times of deception (20-23)?

  5. What fearsome signs will precede Jesus’ coming again (24-25)? Describe his coming (26; Rev 1:7). What will the Son of Man do when he comes again (27; Mt 25:31-32)? What hope does this give God’s faithful elect?

  6. What lesson should we learn from the fig tree (28-29)? How sure are Jesus’ words (30-31)? What must our attitude be in waiting for Jesus’ return (32-33)? What must we be doing until he comes (34-37)?


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