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Mark 15:16-32

by Paul Choi   07/24/2022   Mark 15:16~32


King Jesus Was Crucified For Us

Mark 15:16-32 

Key Verse: 15:26

  1. After being condemned and flogged, where was Jesus led and how is the scene described (16)? How did the soldiers mock Jesus and why (17-20)? What meaning can we find in Jesus submitting to such abuse (10:34; Isa 53:3; 1Pe 2:23)?

  2. Who was forced to help Jesus (21)? What does this imply about Jesus’ physical condition? How might this event have changed Simon?

  3. Where was Jesus brought (22; Heb 13:12-13)? Why do you think Jesus refused the wine mixed with myrrh (23)? What did Jesus’ crucifixion mean to the Jews, to the Romans and to God (24a; Gal 3:13; 1Co 1:22-24)? How did the soldiers respond (24b)?

  4. What time was Jesus crucified (25)? For what charge was Jesus executed (2,26)? What does the “King of the Jews” mean (1:1; Lk 1:32-33)? What does Jesus’ crucifixion mean for us (10:45; Ro 5:18; 1Pe 2:24)?

  5. Why was Jesus crucified between two rebels (27; Lk 22:37a)? Who hurled insults at Jesus and why (29-32)? Why did Jesus not save himself (Mt 1:21)? What does it mean that King Jesus was crucified for you?


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