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Ruth 2:1-23

by Paul Choi   09/04/2022   Ruth 2:1~23



Ruth 2:1-23
Key Verse: 2:12

1. Read verses 1-3. How does the writer introduce Boaz? How did Ruth propose to support herself and her mother-in-law? How did this lead her to meet Boaz?

2. Read verses 4-10. How did Boaz first take notice of Ruth? How did he show kindness to her? Read verses 11-12. What impressed him about Ruth? How did he bless her?

3. Read verses 13-18. How else did Boaz show her hospitality and how did he protect Ruth? What did she bring to her mother-in-law? How does this reveal her thoughtfulness and love?

4. Read verses 19-23. from the conversation between Naomi and Ruth what can we tell about their relationship? What further information can we learn about Boaz? What hope seems to have crept into Naomi’s heart? What did Ruth do after this?


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