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Ruth 3:1-18

by Paul Choi   09/11/2022   Ruth 3:1~18



Ruth 3:1-18
Key Verse: 3:5

1. Read verses 1-6. What decision did Naomi make and what plan of action did she suggest to Ruth? How did Ruth respond? Why might obedience have been difficult?

2. Read verses 7-9. What did Boaz say when he discovered Ruth? What does his reaction show about his character? How did Ruth explain her presence?

3. Read verses 10-14. How did Boaz respond to Ruth’s implicit proposal of marriage? What shows that he had already thought about it? What problem remained? How did he further protect and care for Ruth?

4. Read verses 15-18. How did Boaz communicate with Naomi? How did Naomi interpret Boaz’ actions? What can we learn about obedience from this chapter?


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