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Esther 2:1-3:15

by Paul Choi   10/16/2022   Esther 2:1~3:15


God, Who Made Esther Queen

Esther 2:1-3:15

Key Verse: 2:17

  1. Read 2:1-4. How and why was another queen provided for the king? Read v.5-7. Who is Mordecai? How did he raise his cousin Esther? (7) Read v. 8-11. How was Esther chosen as one of the seven beauties in the kingdom? Why did Esther not reveal her nationality and family background? (10)

  2. Read v.12-14. How long did Esther prepare to meet the king? How can we prepare to meet our King Jesus? (Mt 25:4, Rev 21:2) Read v.15-18. How did Esther become the queen after Vashti? Describe the king’s affection for Esther.

  3. Read v. 19-23. What did Mordecai find in the palace? How did God use this for the future for him and his people? Read 3:1-6. Who was Haman? Why did he try to kill Mordecai?

  4. Read v. 7-11. How did God frustrate Haman’s plot to kill Mordecai? (7; Pr 16:9, 19:21) What did Haman do for the king to accomplish his plan? Read v.12-15. What was the king’s decree and why was it so dangerous? What can you learn about God who works behind human history? (Ps 2:1-6, 18:25-26)


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