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Esther 6:1-7:10

by Paul Choi   11/06/2022   Esther 6:1~7:10


Esther’s Petition

Esther 6:1-7:10

Key Verse: 7:3

  1. Read verses 6:1-3. What did the king find in the book of the chronicles? How did this change the destiny of Mordecai? Look at v.4-9. What was Haman’s answer for the king’s question and how did it change his destiny?

  2. Read v.10-11. How did the king honor Mordecai? What is a paradoxical dilemma in Haman’s plan? (Pr 16:4, 19:21) Look at v. 12-14. How did Haman’s wife and friends predict his future?

  3. Look at 7:1-4. What were Esther’s petition and request? (3-4) In which way was her petition equivalent to her determination in 4:16? How did her request reveal Haman’s evil scheme? Look at v. 5-7. What was the king’s response to Esther’s petition?

  4. Look at v. 8-10. How did Haman react to the king’s fury? What was the result? (Pr 26:27, Ps 37:1-5, 20) What can you learn about the God of Esther? How can we live as the people of God in this unjust generation? (Pr 24:1-2)


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