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Esther 8:1-10:3

by Paul Choi   11/13/2022   Esther 8:1~10:3


The Triumph of the Jews and Purim

Esther 8:1-10:3

Key Verse: 8:16 (9:28)

  1. Look at 8:1-8. How did King Xerxes reward Mordecai? (1-2) What was Esther’s plea with the king? (3-6) Why was her plea necessary? What was the king’s answer? (7-8)

  2. Look at v.9-14. How did the king’s new edict reach to his kingdom? (9-14) Read v. 15-17. How did it change the destiny of the Jews? (15-17) Consider God who gave his people the final victory, (Ro 8:31,37; Ac 2:23-24) and their joyous celebration.

  3. Look at v. 9:1-12. How did God raise Mordecai and judge the evil people? Read v.13-15. What was Esther’s additional request and how did the king respond? Why was the judgement of their enemies written repeatedly in v. 16-19?

  4. Look at v. 20-28. How did Mordecai and the Jews celebrate Purim? Why was it significant for Purim to be remembers and observed in all generations to the Jews? (28) Look at 10:1-3. How did the author describe the greatness of Mordecai? What can you learn the God of Esther who rescued his people through men of faith?


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