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1 Corinthians 7:1-40

by Joseph Park   02/26/2023   1_Corinthians 7:1~40



1 Corinthians 7:1–40

Key Verse: 7:35 

  1. Look at verses 1-7. Based on 6:18–20, what does verse 1 mean? (See the footnote. The KJV and RSV translate “not to marry” as “do not touch.”) What were Paul’s practical instructions on how to flee sexual immorality? (2–5) What was Paul’s view of celibacy? (6–7; cf. Mt19:11–12) 

  1. Look at v. 8-16. What advice did Paul give to the unmarried? (8–9) To the married? (10–11) Why did he say, “…not I, but the Lord”? (10; cf. Mt19:3–9) How does Paul instruct those who have an unbelieving spouse? (12–16) 

  2. Look at v. 17-24. What situations did Paul have in mind? (17–21) Why should Christians not try to change their human situation? Through Christ, what new relationship do we have with God? (22–24) What really counts? (19b)

  1. Look at v. 25-31. What advice did Paul give to virgins, and what motivated his advice? (25–28) Look at v. 29–31. What attitude toward human affairs was Paul teaching? (Ro13:11–14; 2Pe3:10–13) Look at v. 32-40. What can divide a Christian’s interests? (32–34) What should be our primary concern? (35) 


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