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1 Corinthians 12:1-31

by Paul Choi   04/16/2023   1_Corinthians 12:1~31



1 Corinthians 12:1–31a

Key Verse: 12:27 

  1. Read v. 1-3.  What new topic does Paul introduce here? How is this the basis for being a member of Christ’s body and for having spiritual gifts? Read v. 4-6. What are different, and what are the same? (4–6) How would this help them solve their problems of division? 

  2.  Read v. 7-11. For what general purpose does the Spirit give gifts? (7) List the different gifts Paul mentions (8–10). Who determines the giving of these gifts? (11) How does this help us properly exercise our own gifts, and, recognize the gifts of others? 

  3. Read v. 12-14.  What metaphor does Paul use? (12a) How could such racially, culturally, and socially different people be one? (13) Read v. 15-20. What is the function of each part, and why does a body need all of them? Instead of competing with or envying others, how can we find our unique identity and purpose in the body? (19–20) 

  4. Read v. 21-26. How Paul describes the indispensability, interdependence, and coordination of all parts of the body (21–26). Read v. 27-31. How did Paul apply this metaphor of the body to the community of believers?  What are the different church roles mentioned here, and where do they come from? 


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