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1 Corinthians 14:1-40

by Paul Choi   04/30/2023   1_Corinthians 14:1~40



1 Corinthians 14:1–40

Key Verse: 14:12

  1.  Read verses 1-5.  To whom is speaking in tongues directed? (2) Prophesying? (3) Why did Paul emphasize prophesying? (2,3) Why is it important to edify the church more than oneself? How did Paul again encourage them to seek the gift of prophecy? (5) 

  2. Read v. 6-12.  What three examples does Paul use to illustrate the importance of meaningful communication? (6–11) How does meaningless communication affect church members negatively? What principle should guide us in developing and exercising our spiritual gifts? How can we apply this principle in an individualistic society? (12) (Think about using spiritual gifts in terms of Christian fellowship.) How can we excel in the gift of prophecy and use it to build up our church? (1,3,26) 

  3. Read v. 13-17.  If someone wants to speak in tongues in church, what should he/she pray, and why? (13) What are the dangers of praying and singing without using our minds? (14–17) Read v.18-20. How did Paul use his gifts of tongues and prophesying? (18–19) In what respect were the Corinthians thinking like children? (20a) How did Paul help them? (20b) 

  4. Read v. 22-25.  How had God used the sign of tongues as a sign of judgment? (21) How did Paul apply this to the gifts of tongues and prophecy? (22) What two scenarios of worship did Paul give, and with what outcomes? (23–25) 

  5. Read v. 26-33.  How did believers participate in the Corinthian church? (26a) What were Paul’s instructions about tongues-speaking and about prophesying? (27–32) What kind of worship service does God want us to have? (33a) What instructions did Paul give the Corinthian women about public worship, and how did this help build orderly worship? (33b–35) What is Paul’s conclusion? (39–40) 


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