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2 Corinthians 5:1-10

by Paul Choi   09/17/2023   2_Corinthians 5:1~10



2 Corinthians 5:1-10

Key Verse: 5:9 

  1.  Read verse 1. What was Paul’s hope? (4:17-18) What does Paul mean by “the earthly tent we live in”? What is “the building from God”? (Jn14:2) How do the earthly tent and the building from God differ?

  2.  Read v. 2-5. How does Paul describe our lives in the earthly tent? (2-4) Why are we groaning and burdened? (Ro8:23) Why do we need to be clothed in this way? (1Co15: 42-44, 50-53) Who planned for us to live in the heavenly dwelling? (5) What guarantee has God given us of this heavenly hope? (5b)

  3. Read v. 6-8. How does the hope of the heavenly dwelling affect our inner life? (6a) What was Paul’s confidence while in the body? (6,8) With this confidence, how should we live? (7) What are the differences and outcomes of living by faith and by sight? 

  4. Read v 9. When we are confident of being with the Lord, what life goal should we set for ourselves? How can we live to please God? (2 Co5:7, 1Ti2:3-4, Heb11:6) Read v.10. How does this verse explain why we should live to please God? What hope and what warning can we find here?


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