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Mark 12:28-44

by James Lee   06/12/2022   Mark 12:28~44


Love the Lord Your God with All Your Heart

Mark 12:28-44 

Key Verse: 12:30-31

  1. What might have motivated a teacher of the law to question Jesus (28)? In Jesus’ answer, what does it mean that “the Lord our God, the Lord is one” (29,32; Dt 6:4)? How are we commanded to love God (30; Dt 6:5)? To love our neighbors (31a; Lev 19:18)?

  2. Why are these the most important commandments (31b)? Why is loving God and our neighbors more important than burnt offerings and sacrifices (32-33)? Why did Jesus say, “You are not far from the kingdom of God” (34)?

  3. After silencing all challengers, what question did Jesus pose and why (35)? What did Jesus teach about himself by quoting David’s words (36; cf. Ps 110:1; Mk 1:1)? Why is it most important to call Jesus “Lord” (37; Ac 2:34-36; Ro 10:9-10)?

  4. What warning did Jesus give regarding the influence of the teachers of the law (38-40a)? What would be the consequence of their hypocrisy (40b)?

  5. What did Jesus observe in terms of people’s offerings at the temple (41-42)? What did Jesus teach his disciples by contrasting a poor widow and rich people (43-44)? What do we learn about what God values?


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