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Ruth 4:1-22

by Paul Choi   09/18/2022   Ruth 4:1~22



Ruth 4:1-22
Key Verse: 4:14

1. Read verses 1-10. Explain the concept of kinsman (guardian)-redeemer. (Levi 25:25) How did Boaz clear up the matter of there being another man who was more qualified to be kinsman-redeemer? Why did he do so?

2. Read verses 11-12. How did the elders of the city bless Boaz? Why did they mention Rachel and Leah, Perez, Tamar and Judah? (Ge 29:35, 38:26) Why are these people important in God’s ministry?

3. Read verses 13-17. What can we learn about God who changes sorrow into joy, fatalism into hope? What can we learn about God who works in simple people of faith to accomplish his history?

4. Read verses 18-23. What was the historical significance of the son of Boaz and Ruth? What can you learn about God who worked behind the story of Ruth?


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