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1 Corinthians 9:1-27

by Paul Choi   03/12/2023   1_Corinthians 9:1~27



1 Corinthians 9:1–9:27

Key Verse: 9:22 

  1. Look at verses 1-14. What were Paul’s credentials as an apostle? (1–2) His rights? (3–6) How did he defend this from a human point of view? (7–8a) From a Scriptural point of view? (8b–14) 

  2. Read v. 15-18. What did Paul do with this right? (12b,15a) What were his reasons for not using it? (12b,15–18) What were his motives for preaching the gospel? (16–18) 

  3. Read v. 19-23. How did Paul use his Christian freedom? (19) How did he apply this principle practically? (20–22a) Read verse 22b. Note the repeated use of “all.” What does this show about his passion to save souls? How can you apply this principle in your ministry practically?  

  4. Read v. 24-27. In a race or a game, who obtains the prize? (24–25) How did Paul apply this strict training to himself? (26–27) How does this relate to becoming all things to all men? (22) 


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